Saturday, September 24, 2011

Must See TV: BEARDS!

So it's the new television season.  This is when FOX gets to cancel a show after less than 5 episodes (I'm looking at you, Terra Nova).  But for once, SOME channels are doing things right.  And by 'doing things right', I mean showing BEARDS! 

(Archer:  Now with 88% more beard)

Archer debuted last week the the titular character sporting a beard I like to describe as 'awesome as fuck'.  Given that beards make everything better, this show is going to stomp faces like no other this season.  This is even without mentioning the manliest voice actor ever, Patrick Warburton.  That's a whole different boat of awesome. And now, onto Ron fucking Swanson.


This, ladies and gentlemen, is Ron Swanson.  This is ONE DAY after he left, avoiding his first ex-wife (Tammy One).  He keeps ground chuck in his desk, keeps the most awesome survival kit ever, and is all that is man.  If it's red meat, a disregard for government (despite working in it), and whiskey, it's Ron fucking Swanson.

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